Enjoying coffee with a friend…

Seemingly the best way to deal with everyday stress.
But how does that really look like? We „big-city-gals“ leave our car at a shopping center where parking is free for few hours. We spend bizarre amount of money for a coffee and choose half an hour the right type of water (sparkling, slightly sparkling, still or tapped?). Finally, we take a bite of the cake so there is a reason to blame ourself for ruining our diet for the whole next week.

At first, we will probably say that both of us „are fine“. After half an hour, we are already discussing one problem after another and we are slowly getting stuck in them. And we haven’t yet discussed all the crazy things that happened to our friends who didn’t have the luck to spend time and share their stories with us. After an hour and a half or two we disperse. Feeling like we’re all at the same level. Sometimes it is reassuring, sometimes the other way around. And have you noticed that there has been no hug in the description yet?

Try Maffee instead of your regular coffee!

But why do we need an anonymous cafe?
The waiter that is disturbing us most of the time? Dozens of involuntary listeners and observers of our stories? How about exchanging a regular coffee for a coffee with „added value“?
We can make a good espresso using our home coffee machine. The homemade cake tastes much better than the one in the cafe. And that’s just the start… Maffee = coffee plus massage. Deep, light, gentle – as anyone wants … Body oil with or without fragrance can be found in every female bathroom. Our hostess place offers a safe oasis. Touching and sharing has a tremendous power and can pump us up with a lot of new energy.

Try Maffee and let us know, how it went.

We have put together a few basic rules for you that can help in organizing the Maffee-time so that it would be comfortable for everyone. Click on our Facebook page.
Using the Events you can organize your own Maffee-time or join one.



The time and the duration of the maffee-time is fully up to the hostess to decide. For us women one hour is not enough even just to say hi. Two hours are the least to have a good talk.

If you signed up, arrive. Or at least apologize in time.
By apologizing we mean in time, not 5 minutes before the event is supposed to start. We all can have troubles with our schedules, but shouldn’t have them with our polite manners.

It is not about judging other’s way of living, it’s a maffee-time.
If the maffee-guest is not accepting that, the maffee-hostess has a right to show her, she’s not welcomed at her place anymore.

Every participant contributes a symbolic pre-arranged fee to the hostess
for the refreshments and cleaning up afterwards (we suggest 5-10 dollars). If the hostess requires higher fee, it has to be stated in advance in the invitation (Event), before the first participant signs up. By accepting the invitation you accept the maffee-hostess‘ rules. 

The refreshments don’t have to be necessarily home-made.
And there could be no coffee at all. It’s all up to the participant’s agreement. The agreement is always made beforehand.

If you’re not comfortable doing something, tell it.
If you don’t like something (the food, beverages, topics, massage…), tell it kindly. Don’t offend anyone. Try not to take things personally. It is a maffee-time, not olympics.

Sometimes it takes some time to „break the ice“…
Sometimes we start to feel really „cool“ and comfortable when having the maffee for the second time in the same group, not immediately. It’s normal.

Touching other people is nice, if both sides agree. 
One hug at the right time can help much more than spending one hour at the therapist. But respect other’s boundaries.

The maffee-program is up to the participants.
Try to avoid watching tv or movies and all „artificially-made“ activities. Try to talk, share, inspire, massage, joke, have fun, support and learn from each other.

Maffees are meant to make you feel better.
Let’s try to discuss positive topics and help each other sincerely and from our heart. 

Maffee is primarily for women. Not for kids.
Not even the hostess’s kids. Some topics are really not meant for kids‘ ears. If there should be any kids present, indicate it please in the title of your Maffee by using the letter K. It will help to prevent misunderstandings.

Maffee is not for pets.
Of course we love cats, dogs, canaries, turtles, horses and so on. But we don’t take them along for a Maffee, if it is not agreed upon in advance by all the participants. If there is a pet in the hostess’s home, please write it in the invitation. Allergies are unfortunately omnipresent.

Maffees are not meant for peddling (selling things)
Don’t sell ANY products or services, unless directly stated in the invitation and agreed upon by all the participants.

No addictive substances at a Maffee!
Yes, no drugs and alcohol. If you can’t live without a cigarette, or want to enjoy a glass of wine, it’s up to your hostess, how she’ll handle this. Agreement beforehand required again. 

Spreading rumours about the hostess / other participants anywhere
publicly or on the social media can lead into you not being invited anywhere and getting on a black-list. Don’t do that. 

We’re adults. This is not an exhaustive listing of all the rules. It is a simple proposal of solutions to the most common maffee problems. Everything other depends on the participants only. The most comfortable way
to arrange a maffee is via the Facebook group we have set up for this purpose. Maficko.cz is not liable for any disappointments, property damage in the hostess’s apartment or gossip circulations. We do not judge disputes. We are a platform for meeting, developing and improving women’s life. In short: What we – women – do, we will have.



  1. Normal Maffee?
    Call or write a friend or more friends. Tell them, what the Maffee is about and invite them. And let us know, how was it, eventually post a photo with the hashtag @maffeetime on your social media. You will make us happy!!!
  2. Supersize Maffee?
    Maybe you have a big house, garden, or even a castle. On the Maffee facebook page start a new event and invite more women for a Maffee. The rules are mentioned above and are really simple, so you can save time explaining them. Don’t forget to mention, if the kids / pets are allowed or not, and other conditions of participation. And again – have fun and don’t forget to let us know, how it went.
  3. Closed Maffee? 
    Start a closed group using our Facebook page, or let us know and we can help with it. Choose the friends, who will take part. And plan your Maffees there.



  1. Like our Facebook page 
    and wait until someones organizes a Maffee somewhere near you.
  2. Write a post on our page,
    about you wanting to join a Maffee, what you can offer, bring, how you can contribute and wait for the reactions.
  3. Write to someone, who already organizes the Maffees in your neighbourhood,
    and ask them, if you could join.
  4. Try something else. Or let us know and we will come up with something

    It is important not to be scared and shy.
    It is proven women are overall pretty kind creatures